Banxa Integrates with Leading Crypto Custody Platform Qredo

04 July 2023

Across the Web3 space, crypto custody remains top of mind, and the old adage, “not your keys, not your coins” ring as true as ever. Decentralized self-custody is an increasingly popular option for all kinds of users, which is why Banxa is especially excited to partner with Qredo, a platform that is delivering the most innovative and secure self-custody solutions to the blockchain ecosystem.

Retail and institutional Qredo platform users alike will now have access to Banxa’s seamless on-ramp capabilities, providing them convenient and efficient access to cryptocurrencies to pay fees, fund wallets, or engage in swaps within the platform.

Key benefits for Qredo users will include:

  • Quick and Convenient Crypto Access: Users can easily convert their fiat currency into cryptocurrencies directly on the Qredo platform. This eliminates the need to navigate external exchanges or go through complex onboarding processes, providing a seamless and convenient experience.
  • Diverse Payment Methods: The integration supports multiple payment methods, such as GPay, ApplePay, Visa, MasterCard, and Ideal. Users can choose their preferred payment method for converting fiat currency to cryptocurrencies, accommodating their individual preferences and making the process more user-friendly.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Security: Banxa conducts rigorous compliance measures and Know Your Customer (KYC) processes, ensuring regulatory compliance and enhancing the security of transactions. Users can have peace of mind knowing that their fiat-to-crypto conversions are conducted in a legally compliant and secure manner.

Enhanced User Experience: The integration streamlines the user experience within the Qredo platform, providing a user-friendly interface and a seamless on-ramp process. The Banxa widget available at key points facilitates balance top-ups, and deposits offering a smooth and efficient user journey.