Banxa Integrates with Web3 Wallet MetaMask to Simplify Crypto Purchasing and Reduce Fees – See How To Do It

08 February 2023

Banxa’s extensive range of both global and local payment methods offers MetaMask users new payment options, lower fees, and higher credit card conversions.

Self-custody wallet solutions have become an increasingly popular choice for crypto users who want to maintain complete control over their digital assets – and MetaMask remains among the most popular self-custodial wallets trusted by millions of users worldwide.

Banxa has teamed up with MetaMask through integration to simplify on-and-off ramping fiat to crypto even further. MetaMask users can now purchase crypto via standard methods such as credit cards and Apple Pay, as well as other alternative payment methods offered by Banxa such as PayID, POLi, and iDEAL – in addition to Interac in Canada, PIX in Brazil, ACH in the U.S., SEPA in Europe, and many more. These payment methods typically have much lower fees than credit cards.

In addition, MetaMask and its users can now benefit from:

• Local banking infrastructure in Canada, Netherlands, South Africa, Turkey and Australia regions with local payment methods, removing the need for cross-border transactions that incur fees.

• Banxa’s secure and regulatory-compliant payment channels allow users to safely purchase cryptocurrency.

• Simplified onboarding to make it easy for users, especially crypto novices, to access and store funds/assets on MetaMask.

How Does It Work?

To purchase crypto through Banxa in your MetaMask wallet, follow these simple steps:

  1. Click “BUY” on the home screen in your MetaMask application
  2. Select the token and network you want to purchase on (for example: ETH on Ethereum)
  3. Enter the amount you want to buy (for example: $500 of ETH)
  4. Select the preferred payment method for your crypto purchase
  5. Select Banxa as your provider
  6. Review the purchase and click “Confirm”
  7. Follow the instructions that may be prompted by your local bank.

And your order is complete! It’s that easy.