Alice Truong x International Women’s Day 2022

10 March 2022

This week is all about celebrating the amazing women at Banxa! 

This week, we already talked about gender (in)equality in the financial and tech space in general (women make up only a quarter of the tech industry’s employees), when we introduced you to our Global Talent Acquisition Manager, Lauren Cole-Doswell.

While celebrating our female developers by spotlighting our Banxanian Varinder jit Kaur, we also, in particular, touched upon the programming industry, where women only make up 11% of the developer workforce.

Similarly, until a couple of years ago, the crypto and blockchain industry had almost no women involved, both in terms of working in the industry and investing in crypto. According to one 2018 study, among 100 blockchain startups, only 14.5% were female employees, and 7% were managers back then.

However, over time, there was a constant increase in the number of female crypto users and in 2020, “this segment saw a particularly strong growth of 43.24%”. Today, we are seeing more and more women getting into the field and having successful crypto careers.

At Banxa, we strongly believe that we couldn’t be where we are today without the contribution of our amazing women.

And even though things are starting to look better in the crypto and blockchain industry, we believe there’s still a long road ahead of us in terms of gender equality. For this reason, and as part of celebrating International Women’s Day, this week, we continue to introduce you to our female rockstars.

One of them is Alice Truong. Alice is part of our Customer Success Team and a close contact for our global network of partners.

Hi Alice. Thanks for your time today. Would you mind introducing yourself? 

A: Hi everyone, I am Alice from the Customer Success Team at Banxa. I have been working here for nearly 2 years now and I absolutely love the environment and the people here.

What are your responsibilities at Banxa? 

A: As Customer Success Managers, our role is to be the main point of contact between partners and Banxa. We would be exposed to every possible corner of the business including Technical, Operations, Payment, Marketing, Compliance, etc. But above all, our main goal is to ensure our partners are growing well and strong with us.

That sounds exciting! How long had you been working in the crypto / finance industry before you joined Banxa? 

A: I have been working in the finance/ fintech industry since 2015 and have experience in both Australia and Singapore markets, supporting global clients.

What do you find most exciting about working in this industry?

A: It is forever evolving and at a fast pace, too!!! And that is super exciting because you learn new things (well, almost every hour in the crypto industry).

What is the most important thing for you when it comes to a company culture / working environment? 

A: I love the culture that encourages all people to work together and lend their hands towards a common goal. If we win, then we will win together, if we fail then we fail together.

You are working in a very male-dominant industry, did that have an impact on your decision to work in this industry at all?

A: Not at all, I think we are seeing more women in this industry these days. I think this question will soon be for the opposite gender 😉 #watchthisspace

What advice would you give to younger women who want to join the crypto or tech industry? 

A: Always stay curious. Never stop asking “why?”, even to yourself and always try to plan ahead! You will be able to tackle not only your busy life but also the fast-paced growth of this industry.

That was inspiring! Thank you so much for taking the time today. 

Do you have more questions for Alice? Feel free to connect with her on LinkedIn.